Free Sim Cards

We are the guide to getting free sim cards from the UK’s favourite mobile phone networks, many people don’t know that the networks give out sim cards free in order for you to get onto their network. These pay as you go sim cards are completely free and are sent to you in the post.

We only ever post links that go directly to the official mobile phone network website.  The below buttons will take you to to the official UK network pages to get your free sim cards.

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Getting a free sim card is simple & quick. The Free Sim Cards team have found all the latest free sim card offers and have put them into a simple table for you. Remember you can get as many free sim cards as you would like. Its simple to get the sims, simply click on the free sim card you want and fill in your address and they are sent to you.

Most Popular Free Sim Card Offer

Free O2 Sim Cards
o2 free simFree O2 Sim Cards –  O2 are giving away up to 2 free sim cards per household, This is a limited offer so hurry and get them. Remember to select 2 as this means you can choose the best mobile number and keep some to give to friends.

Click here to get your free o2 sim cards >>

Free Vodafone Sim Cards

Vodafone Free SimVodafone are one of the UK’s favourite networks and you can get up to 2 free sim cards from them. What’s great too is that you can opt for a micro sim if you need one of them too. They have several offers for pay as you go users to take advantage of.

Click here to get your free Vodafone sim cards >>

Free T-mobile Sim Cards
tmobile free simT-mobile also have a limited time offer of 2 free sim cards, remember you might aswell take the free sim card now you never know when you may need it.

Click here to get your free T-mobile sim cards >>

Free Orange Sim Only Contracts

Orange free simWhy not consider a Orange sim only contract, they are 30 day contracts so you can cancel whenever you like, and from as little as £10 a month it’s a much better deal than pay as you go sim cards.

Click here to view Orange Sim Only Deals >>


Free Sim Card

Free Sim Cards are very popular nowadays with all kinds of people, they are completely free and so you get them normally within 7 to 14 days. This means you can get them as soon as you need them. The sims are great for all the family, friends, yourself or anyone. So get your sims now. nWe have been searching the internet every week for the last two years for free sim cards and other freebies. We therefore have the best knowledge of where to get these from and we list them on the site. We have given away thousands upon thousands of sim cards over the last 2 years. We believe that no-one should ever have to pay for a sim card when they are actively given away free by the mobile phone networks themselves. We hope you find the sim card for you and tell your friends and family about this website if they want a new sim card for free.